Welcome to Exterra!

Artex Company Ltd. was founded in 1990 as a family business that was primarily engaged in clothing wholesale and screen printing. Our team has been expanding and including more young and creative people over time, so we felt the need to give something more. With considerable effort and commitment, a brand EXTERRA was made in 2003, – which since then offers a wide range of men and women clothing, designed with special attention to the needs of our customers. We are one of the few companies that can boast with the fact that the entire production takes place in Serbia and that every EXTERRA collection each season offers something more, new and special. The focus is definitely on quality, which is our trump card, what differentiates us from most other brands present on the market today.  Our creative team continuously strives to provide high quality materials, special cuts and prints, carefully selected colours and new models. With the desire that our customers always have a right model choice wearable in every occasion, four sub-collections were emerged:

STREET – everyday line, for going stroll with friends and family. Those are models that are easily adaptable for different occasions – work, free time, clubbing… CASUAL – line for all those who love the freedom of movement and comfort, at the same time offers a recognizable style that will make you distinguished from the others. FINE WEAR – This line will lure everyone who wears it to discover the most beautiful sides of their personality and to enjoy themselves. Perfect for  both business and going out, simply sophisticated and trendy at the same time. BASIC – Simple cuts and details. These are the basic wardrobe pieces that everyone should have in their closet. Those models are a good base for every outfit that is trendy.

Who are we?

We want that every EXTERRA customer feel our intention to completely satisfy his needs.

Our goal is that you wear our clothes with pride. We will continue to look for inspiration in you, your needs and desires. We will continue to expand our retail network in order to be more accessible for you and will continuously try that with quality, we justify your trust.

Exterra represent a brave attitude towards life, the complete freedom of individual expression and the creation of a better and more comfortable reality. Exterra encourages you to move your limits, to be positive and unique, because YOUR LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT!
Brand Exterra is one of the few on the market that can boast with the fact that the entire production takes place in Serbia. The team of more than 100 employees work hard every day to ensure that the final consumer gets the highest quality product. We are doing that successfully for over 10 years and every day we work on improvement of all business segments. We believe that the path that we have chosen will be recognized and will contribute to the development of the Serbian economy.